Friday, July 17, 2009

Mommy, why does it humid?

Alright. First of all Stephen that question doesn't make any sense. "Why does it humid," while some may find adorable, just shows me that you haven't been paying attention in class because "humid" isn't an active thing. You could say "Why is it humid." That would be an acceptable question... because humid is an adjective. It is describing how the weather is outside. It's a descriptive term. Like raining. Raining is descriptive. Rain is active. You couldn't say "Why does it raining" but you could say "Why does it rain." Make sure that your sentences make sense if you want people to understand you.

So why does it humid? Because sometimes water has no where else to go so it... uh... stays around like some sort of... uh... unwanted houseguest...

I didn't earn my degree in Meteorology. Lay off.

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